“Sometimes my work reveals truths I wasn’t expecting.  Sometimes I draw to just amuse or shock or kid; and sometimes to explore and savor odd, sad, aggressive, or unsettling beauty, however that is defined.”


P. Dunne is a Chicago based artist and illustrator who was born in Illinois, grew up in Georgia, and attended college in Texas.

Dunne works mainly in ballpoint pen and utilizes common “office” materials, such as envelopes, white-out, and chipboard to produce his work. Dunne prefers using these common and easy-to-come-by materials for their surprising, challenging, and unexpectedly beautiful effects. As well, the “hands-on” aspect of the work is of particular interest to Dunne, the appeal of seeing the artists’ own sketched lines and “finger prints”, which add a personality to each piece that is as vital to the work as the imagery.

Dunne’s interests and influences range from silent movies to the films of John Waters, and the influence of artists ranging from Honore Daumier, Toulouse Lautrec, and Edgar Degas to Edward Gorey, Alberto Vargas, R. Crumb, and innumerable others.

The work of P. Dunne has been shown in Illinois and Texas, and illustrations have been published in both local and national publications.